Acte de présence presents Erik van de Belt

29 June - 27 July 2014 (from sunrise to midnight, streetview only)
Vernissage: Sunday 29 June, 2 - 5 PM

Rotterdam, 2014

In my recent paintings I’m focusing in on my habitat, the views from my kitchen-window and the things I see when I take a few steps outside of the house.

Our residential area was build with a post-modern concept in mind of a Disney-like holiday park. A strip of older, detached farm-style houses serve as a backdrop, emphasizing the feeling of authenticity and the outdoor life. Their barns that were allowed at the edge, standing across the landscaped water, I consider theatrical pieces.

As Wittgenstein once stated: we should try to imagine ourselves sitting at a theatre: when the curtains open we see ordinary people engaged in everyday activities. If we could look at the world as if it were a work of Art, we would see it in the right perspective. Everyone and everything should be well worth watching.

My paintings are representational. However, being interested in the Real and the Unreal, and the notion of the World as a Stage, I’m not interested in portraying naturalistic versions of reality. I rather try to emphasize artificiality and the construct. Also I want to give expression to the embodied experience of reality, in a phenomenological sense.

Erik van de Belt