2 May 21:00 - 25 May 2014

Installation of the ongoing painting project 'Primitieven' by Miranda Meijer.

Since the beginning of February 2014 Miranda Meijer is painting monochromes in colours that originally fascinated her in the bright parts of old paintings of the Flemmish Primitives and Renaissance painters. She started to make her own interpretation by using a specific range of colours that only exist in her memory and which she paints on old and new wood to both emphasize the similarities and differences of then and now.

In the attempt to make one sublime painting, the range of paintings is only getting bigger and bigger and the goal is getting broader and broader which seems to lead further from the starting point with every new painting or painting layer. But it also implies that one painting can't hardly exist without the appearance of all or some of the other paintings which is a thing that the maker accepts. But nevertheless she still strives for the original goal of this universal image, which makes the work only grow bigger all the time.